Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Soliloquy: Living the culture of convenience

 The culture of convenience.

Gone are the days when countries and continents used to fight bloody wars among themselves to conquer lands and resources. Today, the fight is of ideologies and international politics to conquer or influence powerful economies and cultures.

Having said that, somewhere I feel that at the grass root level of common men’s rationale, the main driving factors remain ‘convenience’ and ‘need for acceptance’. That is the reason when telecommunication and internet took the world by storm and changed the way people communicated, the concept of ‘global village’ emerged…giving way to cultural invasion. It happened over a period of time, as if; it was the most natural process.


Powerful economies gave us internet and telecommunication, in return invaded our way of life. We became a part of the global village which is fueled by the culture of convenience.  Because we love convenience. At any point of time, in our life, most of us prefer to choose things which are more convenient than challenging. We tend to adjust our values accordingly, keeping ‘convenience’ at the first row of our preference.  

This is how we become ‘branded’.

We are losing individuality: individuality as a nation, as a culture, as a clan and as a human being. We are the brand ambassadors of the powerful economies of the world. We’re Johnson and Johnson , Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, Subway, Levis, Apple, Google, HP, Microsoft, Gucci, Facebook, Twitter, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, City Bank, BMW, EBay, NATGEO, Mtv, CNBC, BBC etc. etc.

Right from the birth, till death, we’re leading life with and around some brands. We embraced loan, EMI and credit card culture to secure our ‘created’ wants, without which we feel lost and meaningless.

The global village has a set parameter for accepting every men and women: Their size, shape, hair, clothing
and overall style and lifestyle must follow that parameter. We are no different from each other…no national or cultural legacy to carry forward…we are all type cast. We all are built in same format, as a program.

Remember the movie “The Matrix”?

We’re dying to be a part of that culture of convenience, in look and feel, in purpose and preference. We are nearly accepted in the global village. As a nation, we’re almost there!

But why do I feel that we’re lost and absolutely meaningless?


  1. As someone who's constantly bombarded with 'sound advice' to 'fit in', I think I can speak on behalf of countless procrastinators who are too proud to give up on their individuality. The rest of the world (at least most of it) may think we are lonely/bored/sad of our lives as we refuse to be part of the 'cloning culture'. I'm glad to know that we have less insecurities brought on by peer pressure.

  2. Time immemorial,man has seen and pursued growth based on convenience,while evolution just was,and is as pristine as the first dawn-Human endeavour has always added that much more,and these seem never ending-From drawing the boundaries for his house,his village,city and collectively for a nation,all have been regressive,pushing him into a cocoon of delusion,where there is no escape from-
    Globalization- this word is now being used to,to by pass traditions and cultures that have always celebrated the spirit of being intimately connected with all around us-From walking,to the bullock cart,to space travel,and now 'connect' in a blink,life seems to be truly miraculous-
    When today's fad becomes tomorrows tradition,something is horribly wrong-Traditions and cultures from the Occident to the Orient,have at all times emphasized,the need for an evolutionary growth,of man and matter,the mind and the mundane-not a life of advantage-Be it ideologies,brands or credit cards this(taking advantage) makes the effort at pulverizing the truth,much faster-
    Truth-is singular-One just cannot have your truth and my truth-Once we realize the fraudulence of such efforts,even globalization and modern conveniences,will take an altogether vibrant luster-Change is inevitable-We need to perceive our sacrosanct cultures and traditions,from this cauldron of rapid metamorphosis-Acceptance of the ever new,now will only augment the -truth-our cultures and traditions reiterated time and again-
    Sincere Regards
    vijay nair


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