Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everyday I love you...

Yesterday, I was reading a love-related article on WebMD where it was comparing love to cocaine. A new love is scientifically found to spark same euphoric feeling as cocaine. Well, I never tasted cocaine, but I have been in love. If cocaine gives the same kick as love, I really can’t blame the drug addicts. At least cocaine will guarantee the euphoria, may be with higher dosage every time. Whereas, the love chemicals will settle down slowly, turning the obsession into devotion in the long run.

The same article also said that chemicals like Dopamine, Adrenaline, Norepinephrine flood in our blood to make us do crazy things in love during the initial days. Remember the throbbing heart and shaking knees when you were near your lover? Adrenaline did that to us. And the joyous feeling that made us walk on cloud nine is Dopamine, and Norepinephrine raised the rate of contractions in the heart, made us go dhak-dhak!

So, we can now conclude that love is nothing but a ‘chemical locha’ in our brain. Well, not until I find out why the brain decides to release these chemicals in my brain for only one guy in a million. No matter how much I try to ‘fall in love’, the chemicals will not flow as quickly as my eyes and attention move from one face to another. Numerous scientific studies could not find out the exact chemical or logical reactions that lead two completely unrelated entities to bind for lifelong devotion.

I really doubt science’s ability to explain it in chemical chain of reactions. Love is an inexplicable form of energy that has the power to create, hold, endure and reborn. This energy is the reason why we are not falling apart, in spite of all that acts of hatred we face and we do.

The world history has thousand examples as we have in our own lives; love defies the most dreadful hatred. We can love without a single reason, but we cannot hate without one. How? Why? Simply because love is an integral part of human nature, while hatred is an alien to our system. Hatred is an emotion which originates as a ‘reaction’ to an unpleasant outside action.

Today, on St. Valentine’s Day, I really have nothing to celebrate. I truly respect St. Valentine’s courage to fight for the right of marriage of the soldiers. But I refuse to buy when the capitalists’ uses our personal emotions as their most successful consumerism tact. Be it mother’s/father’s/sister’s/brother’s/or lover’s day, I just do not buy it. It occurs really stupid to me when a day is designated to express love, when love is the essence of this very existence.

Love is as trifle as looking for him to convey, “Hey! It’s raining!” Love is also secretly altering the most personal priority list for him when I don’t have a clue about his. Love is about taking risks and winning over take a leap of faith.

Love is the simplest acts of sharing and caring, and being responsible for the people in my life on a daily basis. All of the simple acts, one day, will sum up to create a meaning, an understanding to reach the hearts of the people I love, without having to use a word.

Love is also recognizing ‘me’ as no less valuable and significant. Love is finding happiness and peace with
‘me’. Love is coming to terms with all the weaknesses and strength, good and bad within ‘me’. Love is forgiving me. Love is letting go of what is not mine and being content with what remains at the dead-end.

Love is as simple as living the mystery of the universe, with each passing moment. 

I wish you love, this very moment, and in all the moments to come. Be in love, as much as you can… because, to love is to live.


  1. Love is as trifle as looking for him to convey, “Hey! It’s raining!” - - liked it, though my idea is that love is a disease to be cured by the experience of it :P

    1. True! Love is all about experiencing life through it. :D Thanks for your comment Subhananda.


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