Friday, June 14, 2013

My birth day and I....

I am one year closer to the core. Another petal has fallen off, from the rose today.  As decided, I’ve been on the move to let ‘life’ happen to me…and still wondering what the core holds. 

There are people who try to define life. For me, that’s a futile endeavor. The more time spent on defining it, the lesser time is left for living. I have decided to live, without pondering over the definition. I have no target to achieve, but certainly have some things to be included while I walk the path…to the core.

The world is strange. Human life is strange. Strange, because of its unpredictable and ever-changing nature. Strange, because the awareness of this unpredictability do not stop human beings from planning their lives.  This is human nature to follow their personal will, no matter what the reality is. They live within their personal reality and created truth. That is why the truth is relative, the truth is personal. Your truth is different from my truth. 

While I walk my path with no absolute agenda, may be at the back of the mind, a thirst for finding the absolute truth haunts me. The thirst keeps me going. That thirst strengthens me to accept life as it comes. That thirst empowers me to move on, to carry on the journey, so that I can see the end of everything. I wait for the day when I will be in the core of my life. It’s death. Death is a pause between each journey, to look back and find out what I learned and what all I had to unlearn.

At the core of my life, I expect a curtain raiser, to take me one step closer to the absolute truth. I stopped resisting life and events from happening when I understood that resistance just delays the things. Whatever happens will happen, and happen for a cause. And the cause will induce the effect and decide an outcome, may not be desirable, but certainly meaningful in a bigger picture.

But yes, being a part of the ultimate source of the universal energy, I accept my personal nature of giving a direction to the flow of time and energy. I may not know, at times the bigger picture, yet I feel the necessity of directing. May be that is why I do not give in, I am persistent, as a good learner. I keep walking, along with the Nature, accepting my natural connection with Her…accepting the universal connection between the souls. I accept everyone, knowing that all are in a journey towards the core. Some are so much puzzled, some are mesmerized, some are stupefied, some are passionately attached to the world around them, some are lost in ignorant self, some know what and why they are walking, some do not bother. But at the end, we all have to come to the core…we must learn while we walk. 

Learn what? Learn to look beyond personal realities. Learn to break the walls of unknown. Learn the fact that taking risk is not a big thing actually. This is how it is supposed to be. Because life never promised certainty. I do not know but this much. I must keep walking, no matter what.

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  1. Unwinding the knots
    I inched towards naught
    As i loosened my grip
    The path simply quipped
    How come you pipped
    The juggernaut


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